Thursday, February 22, 2007

4th month letter

It’s hard to believe that already a month has past since we sent the last letter and batch of photos. Each day Miguel seems to be doing something new, whether it’s making new sounds (lots of goo gaa’s and excited happy squeals lately), getting better at using his hands (he likes shaking a bell rattle and playing with animals in his floor mat activity center), mimicking our faces or laughing at our silly games.

We traveled with Miguel in early February to Arizona to meet his grandfather (Michael’s dad). Miguel is still an agreeable traveler and even seemed to enjoy the plane ride. Grandpa and Miguel were both very happy to meet each other. During the trip, Miguel passed an important milestone—he rolled over twice from his back to his tummy! We learned later that that floor he was playing on was sloped, which no doubt helped him. Nonetheless we were very excited and proud about his accomplishment.

Miguel has also gotten very close to rolling over from his tummy to his back. He had rolled over a few times when he was tiny (maybe by accident), but hasn’t lately. We‘ve been coaching him, cheering him on, and helping him through the motion during tummy time. It’s fun to watch his excitement in inching towards being able to roll over on his own.

We’re getting closer to following a set daily schedule with Miguel. We usually put him down for sleep around 8pm, and then give him a last feeding of the day before we go to bed at 10:30pm. He typically sleeps through the night until about 6am (but not always). He then eats, chit-chats and plays for a while and takes a mid-morning nap. By noon, he’s ready for lunch. He plays some more, but by 1:30pm (almost on the minute!), he gets a little cranky, so it’s naptime again. We usually feed him before our dinner and he joins us at the table for supper either in his rocking chair or in his new “high chair” (it’s a seat that attaches to one of our chairs). He likes to follow our conversation, often chiming in. After dinner, he’s typically active until his evening feeding, after which story-time leads up to his bedtime.

Every day, we give thanks to you for bringing our family together. . . .We hope all is well and we look forward to talking with you soon.

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