Monday, August 20, 2007

velobaby is rolling . . . and chewing on his helmet

Sometime in early August, I staged a bit of a sit-in with Miguel. I was done relying on public transit to get us around, and figured we'd just stay home and wilt in the summer heat until we rigged up something for my bike. Perhaps the final straw was our unsuccessful bid to go swimming with our friends, referenced with optimism in the previous, "sleeping, butt in air" post.

Holstein Park is a mere 1.5 miles away, but its hours are tricky. We needed to be there before noon. Miguel's nap went very long, so we didn't get to the bus stop until a little past 11am. "No problem," I thought. "Even a few minutes of splashing in the kiddie pool will be fine."

Alas, we waited over 20 minutes. I could have biked there and back while we sat and studied the etchings on the bus shelter. In fact, we could have just walked.

The pool was closing up when we finally arrived, but we did find Julie and Zoe, who is 2+, at the neighboring park. They are unconstrained by the bus, because she is big enough to be carried on a rear bike seat. I eyed the seat lustfully.

We salvaged the excursion by playing at the park and going out for lunch. Then, we took the Armitage bus back home. The ride did not last long, as the driver saved time by literally careening into each stop with an open door: "Let's go, let's go!" he barked.

As we sped closer to Kimball, I rang the bell, and flexed my muscles. Miguel clung to me in his backpack, and I clung to the backs of seats as we fought whiplash and made our way to the doors. "A bicycle has to be safer than a lurching bus," I thought.

Before the day was over, I had resolved to move forward with plan Bike. Our pediatrician gave us the green light even though Miguel is under one (the standard OK age for biking), since he is big for his age, and can hold his stiff neck up with no problems.

We are mighty grateful to Josh and Krista who lent us their Cougar Chariot while we decide if we want to stick with a trailer (which stresses me out when crossing intersections, but is weather protected, allows us to keep rear rack cargo capacity and contains our go, go, go guy while we are transitioning) or use a more nimble bike seat like Zoe's.

So far, the trailer is working out fine for the short trip to day care. We are having problems with his helmet though--he just wants to play with it and chew its straps. It also keeps sliding down, so until we can that figure out, we'll still be on CTA for the grander adventures.

Friday, August 3, 2007

pool bound!

Miguel woke up at 5am to tell us he was feeling much better, thank you very much. He played, drank, ate and peed just like the good old days. As it has been 24 hours since he last had a notable diaper, I think we can lift the quarantine and join our friends at the pool.

Getting up so early exhausted him. He was napping by 8:30am. He usually rolls around a lot to sooth himself to sleep. Sometimes he's so tired he crashes mid-roll, leaving his butt perched up high.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

languorous play

We stayed close to home, wishing to facilitate intestinal healing and avoid additional public blowouts. It was another scorcher, so playing outside didn't seem appealing, though I did set up the pack and play in the yard during his morning nap, just in case we got motivated to go downstairs. I also turned on the soaker hose for the tomatoes.

But he awoke in a fretful mood (I don't blame him-our 3rd floor apt was 90 degrees before noon. Thankfully, the ceiling fans really do make it feel like a breezy 82, and the new silver paint on the roof reduces the broiling in masonry skin feeling to a simmer), so we just played languorously in the living room. Hide and seek with the phone was a big hit, as was crawling back and forth over Mommy's legs, and pulling up on everything in sight.

It was a slow, uneventful afternoon. We listened to the Cubs attempt to climb out of an early 7-1 hole and sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the stretch. I then remembered the soaker hose and ran downstairs after plunking Miguel in his crib (Mommy will be right back!!). The tomatoes and basil were quite perky.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1st place

A sherbet moon is perched above the Hancock Tower, its lunar chill a tease on this muggy August night.

The Cubs clawed their way into first place on a wild pitch.

The Kimball and Foster buses clicked perfectly for a very frazzled mama, who was glad she packed an extra outfit, 4 diapers and plenty of wipes for the journey to Andersonville.

Miguel remains in a fine mood, despite the riot in his intestines.
His favorite new toy is the handle of a gray bucket.