Thursday, August 2, 2007

languorous play

We stayed close to home, wishing to facilitate intestinal healing and avoid additional public blowouts. It was another scorcher, so playing outside didn't seem appealing, though I did set up the pack and play in the yard during his morning nap, just in case we got motivated to go downstairs. I also turned on the soaker hose for the tomatoes.

But he awoke in a fretful mood (I don't blame him-our 3rd floor apt was 90 degrees before noon. Thankfully, the ceiling fans really do make it feel like a breezy 82, and the new silver paint on the roof reduces the broiling in masonry skin feeling to a simmer), so we just played languorously in the living room. Hide and seek with the phone was a big hit, as was crawling back and forth over Mommy's legs, and pulling up on everything in sight.

It was a slow, uneventful afternoon. We listened to the Cubs attempt to climb out of an early 7-1 hole and sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the stretch. I then remembered the soaker hose and ran downstairs after plunking Miguel in his crib (Mommy will be right back!!). The tomatoes and basil were quite perky.

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