Friday, August 3, 2007

pool bound!

Miguel woke up at 5am to tell us he was feeling much better, thank you very much. He played, drank, ate and peed just like the good old days. As it has been 24 hours since he last had a notable diaper, I think we can lift the quarantine and join our friends at the pool.

Getting up so early exhausted him. He was napping by 8:30am. He usually rolls around a lot to sooth himself to sleep. Sometimes he's so tired he crashes mid-roll, leaving his butt perched up high.


Anonymous said...

no posts in weeks and then bam! three at once. :^)

Gin said...

Ah, you caught me! As the summer accelerates to a close (and I prepare to return to my job), I want to do a better job of just writing anything so I don't forget these days. Kind of like freezing peaches and canning tomatoes for the long, dark days ahead.

Spook said...

Gin: I crossed paths with Baby Miguel yesterday in the Square. He was keeping it real in a sea of pink babies.
What I saw was Miguel,already crawling,already curious,rocking the revolutionary colors exploring his new terrain boldy it’s very inspiring.

Yall keep up the good work

P.S if events continue to unfold, in September I'm heading over to the homeland of Baby Miguel,which now is "part" of you and Mike because of Baby Miguel. I did that connection

Uncle Spook