Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Year Letter

This is the one year letter we gave to Miguel's birth parents, with loads of photos from the last few months.

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since Miguel was born. We feel like we are just starting to catch our breath. Just as we think we have something figured out, he moves to an exciting new stage. Everyone assures us that that is what it means to be a parent! He is leading us on an incredible journey and we think of you often as we watch him grow.

We visited the pediatrician in early November for Miguel’s first year check up. We came equipped with a long list of questions and were reassured by the doctor that he is thriving. We were most concerned about the lead test since we live in an old building and were very happy when the results came back just fine.

The doctor also confirmed that most symptoms of his torticollis are gone and that he is on track physically and cognitively for his age. She was impressed by the variety of foods he’s willing to eat. We asked if we needed to start giving him a multi-vitamin as we have transitioned him to whole milk instead of formula. But since he eats fruits and vegetables (including kale!) with such enthusiasm, she said we are OK for now.

Miguel is almost always on the go. In the morning, he will cuddle just long enough to gulp down his bottle. Then he pushes it away as if to say, “Check, please. . . I have things to do!” He loves to dart for doors so he can open and close them, especially if someone is playing peek-a-boo on the other side. As he scoots down the hall, he glances back with a smile before ambling out of view—for just a second. “Don’t forget to write!” we say, as we sneak behind to make sure he stays in eyesight. He laughs and squeals when we catch up to him.

He also loves to cruise, drifting from the coffee table to the sofa, or among the dining room chairs. He sometimes will take a step or two between chairs or will take a couple steps towards us when encouraged, but he hasn’t taken fully to walking yet and seems happy enough for now.

We continue to monitor the fact the he strongly favors his left leg for coming up to standing position and crawling--he gets around lighting fast by pushing off on that leg in crab crawl fashion. It’s related to the toricollis. So far, his physical therapist is not concerned. She just asked that we come in for another visit once he starts walking.

Miguel is also making strides with his fine motor capabilities. Recently, he started puzzling with different shapes and is sometimes able to put triangle and star shapes in the correct slots on a toy. He can also clap his hands, give a high five, point to his nose and shovel tons of whole grain bread, chicken, tofu, cheese and fruit into his mouth. (He much prefers finger foods these days to us spoon feeding him, though we do make sure he gets his cereals and greens.)

His vocal repertoire is expanding too, with his happy babble sounding more and more like words every day. We’re pretty sure he has mastered dada, mama, gentle, baba (bottle), caca (cracker—we were a little panicked when we first heard that word until we figured out what he was trying to say ;-) and ta too (thank you). We’re sure there are all other types of things he’s trying to tell us if only we could understand. Fortunately, he seems very patient with our slow learning of his language. His actions tell us that he loves turning lights on and off, spinning wheels, pushing chairs and hugging his long limbed bunny (an easter present from Nana.)

It’s been an awe inspiring, sometimes tiring, often invigorating year, always joyful year. We hope to spend more time with you in 2008, sharing and making new memories.

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