Tuesday, December 4, 2007

October 22, 2006

I finally wrote down the poem that has been kicking around my head since Miguel was born. I'm not sure I am done fiddling with it. At this rate, he'll be in college before I write another one.

You slipped into our world
While sun and moon
Still slept, snug

The phone rang
We raced to meet you

Short cut through the park
Where the long, pale fingers
Of your first sunrise
Flicked dew from tall grasses

The new moon
Followed close behind
A gentle witness

Have you met your baby?

The day arced
We held you
And listened
Breathless catching up

We tugged at your blankets
Trying to mimic
The nurses’ snug swaddle

Night fell
Still, we held

You wore an orange cap
That traced new orbits
As we swayed and swirled
in a tiny hospital room
for hours and hours
until dawn.

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