Tuesday, August 12, 2008

special delivery

At 5:35pm today, Miguel barrelled down our hallway with an envelope in each hand, yelling "special delivery!" Michael had picked him up from day care and, truth be told, had coached Miguel in this mail collecting and delivery exercise. Still, it was the most amazing burst of sunshine to hit our hall since we moved in.

After completing his job, Miguel looked plaintively at the upper cabinets on the west kitchen wall and said, "Pretzel please!" How could I resist? He then proceeded to try to feed me a pretzel I didn't really want, but, again, it's hard to resist, "Mommy's turn."

He learned about pretzels during our recent, wonderful, trip to visit Jess, Chris, Sasha and Acer in Moscow, ID. Jess assures me that pretzels are neutral foods. Chris tells me not to worry unless they are "salt licks." All I know is that Miguel has a new favorite snack. Whether it's the food or the act of fishing it out of the bag that delights him is not clear to me.

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Jessica said...

knowing what a wonderful mind for connections Miguel has, I imagine that he's thinking of me every time he munches on a pretzel. I'll always believe that it was pretzels (in combination with pedialyte) that saved you from a horrific -- and potentially mortifying -- flight home.